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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hot August Days!!

Happy August Everyone!

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy, and just about ready to rest up from the summer busyness... before all the action starts for autumn. 

Between getting ready for the county fair and catching up on some mending & sewing projects, the dining room table has been otherwise occupied. 

About a week ago, I finally got around to putting a table together...

These mugs & plates are on the short list to find a new home, especially the mugs. I found the exact pattern on eBay & Replacements but not this shape.  The plates were a Big Lots find a few years ago so the chances of finding more of them is pretty much nil. 

You'll forgive me for not noticing that the top plate was a little off center while I was taking these photos. Bamboo might not be the right theme but the color worked well.

The lovely (and easy) centerpiece for the sunflower table. 

More shots of the centerpiece

I like that they put this little bit of a flower inside the rim of the mugs.

The glasses were a lucky find at Dollar Tree, a couple of days ago. I was so pleased that they matched perfectly. Even though I'm planning to find a new home for most of this setting, I figured it was worth it to 'splurge' on some matching glasses to complete the table. 

The 30,000 foot shot (okay maybe just about 7') I must have had the flash on for this one which accounts for the difference in color of the setting at the bottom of the photo. 

This is an example of too much flash, makes it seem like the entire rest of the scene is really dark.  I use the 'fill flash' setting (below) occasionally in my photos but found that a normal flash setting is all wrong.

this was taken with the fill flash setting

I decided to show this same photo taken with various settings on my camera (the green post-it pad just marked that these were test shots):

The 'Live' setting

'Auto' setting

The 'Portrait' setting in  Scene mode

I think this is the Fisheye effect in the Effects mode

The toy camera setting (dark outline) not really one of my favorites but I'd like to test it on some black & white photos. 

One of the black & white settings

the 'vivid' effect - it's okay occasionally but not for every photo

this is the poster effect, it's interesting how it deepened the colors. I don't have my owners manual handy but I'm guessing this adds pixels so that any enlargements are very crisp

finally the miniature effect, this blurs the top & bottom of the photo so that what's in the center is brought forward

That ends the overview of camera settings. 

I recently discovered a new blog Dianne's Creative Table and she's inspired me to add some height to my tablescapes. I did some shopping this weekend and found some great stuff on clearance!

The back row is all from Home Goods clearance racks (except the candle). The one with the silver top & bottom is from Marshall's. 

This tortise 'set' is from Pier 1 clearance. I'm hoping to find another candle stick at a different store but if I don't I found other pieces so that I can improvise. 

These pretty red glasses were also on clearance at Pier 1, I love the etched pattern and the gorgeous color. I think they'll be wonderful with my tartan plates. 

Thanks for stopping by to see the latest tablescape.  I'll be joining Make it Pretty Monday over at The Dedicated House, Share your Cup Thursday at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs Olson and Dishing it & Digging it at Rustic & Refined.

P.S. I've decided to reduce my collection of dishes and so any pattern I know I can't get more of, like these sunflower plates and mugs, needs to go. The sunflower plates, yellow plates, sunflower mugs and striped glassware is all for sale. 


  1. How love are those dishes on your table. Beautiful etched glass from Pier 1. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.

  2. Very nice late summer table...........and it will look great for fall too. Such cute sunflower dishes,
    and who doesn't love sunflowers, they are such a neat flower.........
    Great job.
    Blessings, Nellie