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Friday, August 21, 2015

Whisper of Fall

Perhaps I'm a bit premature with a reference to Autumn but after reading a delightful story from 'Tea with Friends' today (from whom I stole the title for my post) and enjoying a morning cool enough to need a long sleeve shirt (!!) I decided to indulge in a little fall dreaming. 

After a hotter than average summer, I was overdue for a comforting cup of hot tea. Oh my tea leaves, it was fabulous!


After a bit more tea blog reading including commenting on a post about a chocolate earl gray tea someone tested, it was time to have a cup of my recommendation; Valentine by Harney & Sons. With chocolate and rosebuds this is one of my all time favorites. In stores it's only available around Valentine's day but you can get it from their website anytime. 

Summer isn't far away with another two days over 90 in the forecast but just for today I can look out and see that some leaves are starting to change and enjoy cooler nighttime temperatures.  

I'm looking forward to pulling together a fall table, or two in the very near future!

Happy end of summer!


  1. Starting to feel fall like here and I've started adding it to my home. I adore plaid and those plates are to die for!! Can't wait to see the fall table. Thanks for sharing with SYC.