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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A little Lilly on the table

Happy August everyone - I hope the summer is treating you well. Things here are great and today we're fortunate to have a break from the extreme heat with some big puffy clouds running interference for the sun. 

Today's table was inspired by Miss Janice who unknowingly introduced me to all things pink & green and the joy of Lilly Pulitzer's bright colors & creative designs. 

This table setting features Lilly plates, napkins & pitcher, and some fun miniatures my Mom got me last Christmas.  I'm slowly putting together a faerie garden and someday (looking wistfully into the future) ... it may end up on my blog. 

Okay, so the stack may be a bit excessive with a charger and a plate basket, but I really liked the way it all worked together (and I just bought those baskets so I really wanted to use them).  The placemat helped break up the busyness of the plate from the busyness of the tablecloth. The green of the placemat and the green of the basket are actually must closer in color than they look here.

A bit of a landscape shot showing the adorable picnic table and the tiny wicker settee.  

I just love the little bucket with ice & soda, I didn't even realize I had it until I started pulling things out.  The 'palm tree' was a DIY project that started with a sand covered base but ended up with the burlap you see.  Turns out, spray adhesive would have been the way to go with the sand. Live & learn... or ask someone who's done it before. Not sure you can tell from any of these photos but there's a golf club leaning up against the 'tree' and a wee golf ball next to it.    

I'm so happy I finally found the faux bamboo flatware (at a reasonable price) it really is perfect for summer tablescapes.  Looking at this photo I realize that you're not seeing much of the fun napkins, also Lilly, that actually started out life as bandanas.  They're very large and I really struggled trying to figure out what to do with them.  This draped napkin is one of my favorite looks and it solved the issue of using something over-sized as a napkin. 


The all important aerial shot so we're sure not to miss anything important, ha-ha-ha....

Here's the exact same table setting but with the white eyelet tablecloth instead of the yellow & green barkcloth tablecloth.  It certainly makes all the colors and details pop much more than the other cloth.


Yes, that white really makes those pretty plates stand out so much more.  Again, another learning experience for this beginner tablescaper! 

Learning as I go is really part of the fun of putting together tables.  Even when I'm using a set up I may have done before I find ways to update it a bit and make somewhat new.  

 Unfortunately, the header is still missing from my page.  The gal who set everything up for me has experienced a string of very bad luck and I just don't think she's going to able to fix it.  If you know anyone who can help me out and is VERY reasonably priced, let me know.

I'll be linking up with Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday and Cuisine Kathleen, too, if she's having a link party this week, How Sweet the Sound for Pink Saturday and Wow Us Wednesdays at Savvy Southern Style

Now go forth and decorate your table... or just sit still and sip some iced tea!

yellow & green tablecloth - GW last year
green woven placemats - Marshall's, last year
pink chargers - Hobby Lobby (online)
green plate baskets - Kitchen Kaboodle
pink Lilly plates & pitcher - Marshall's, last year
Lilly napkins/bandanas - Etsy
faux bamboo flatware - Home Goods
pink pineapple 'bowl' - Home Goods, Cynthia Rowley
"Palm tree" - supplies mostly from Michael's Crafts
palm goblets - Tuesday Morning, last year


  1. Such a pretty table! I love Lilly and Miss Janice too!

    1. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment! Miss Janice just always makes me smile.

  2. Very cute, the plates, the napkins, and the placemats just sing together, it's as if they were all made for each other. I do love miniatures, the picnic table and the ice bucket are simply adorable. I like both versions of the table. The first table has a lot of tropical impact. The second table is pretty and the settings do pop on the white background. I have been gathering goodies for a fairy garden for the island in the backyard all summer. I probably will not get much done this year because I need some topsoil brought in and I need to procure some edging materials (on the cheap). I did make a fairy garden in a tub earlier this summer. If you would like to see it and maybe get some ideas I am copying a link for you. . I thrift almost everything, so when I am out and about in the thrift stores I am always on the lookout for anything that I can use in the fairy garden. Have a wonderful evening..... Candy

    PS: I did not see anywhere to sign up as a follower.

    1. Hi Candy,
      Thank you for all your great comments, so glad you enjoyed my summery table.
      I love what you did in the tubs! My faerie garden (or the beginning of my garden) is in a container. I prefer to find things at the thrift stores, too though I really haven't spent much time there recently. Today I picked up a tiny tricycle @ Michael's that I'll add to the garden. You've inspired me to do some work on it this week. i want to pain the tiny shovel & rake and add the picket fencing.
      I'm so flattered that you want to be a follower. I'm looking for someone to help me get my header back and hopefully allow followers at the same time.

    2. Update - I figured out how to add the "followers" gadget on my own. I'm so proud!! Thank you for the suggesting!

  3. Very much FUN! Lily P just makes you smile! I love the mini picnic table and rattan settee~I had one like that for my dolls!

    1. I'll have to remember to break out the Lilly plates in February when I'm starved for some bright colors & sunshine!
      I found the settee at GW, maybe I need to find just the right sized doll for it... in a Lilly dress!