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Monday, January 20, 2014

It's All Furr Love...

I was invited to link up to 'Happy Tuesday' at 'Holidays at the Harris Home' so I've created my first 'things that make me happy' post.
There are a lot of things in life that make me happy and today I'm sharing one of those things that's extremely special to me.
My cat - my kitten - my pitten - my bitty princess - the ball of fur that makes sure I know when she's ready for breakfast... or dinner.  She makes me very happy.

Okay, it's a bit odd looking but I was trying to capture her cleaning behind her ears... which, by the way, IS THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD! 
Sorry - but watching a cat wash his or her face is completely enthralling.

At least for me.

This sweet bundle of fur came to live with me a bit over two years ago.  She was my Dad's cat and lived with him on about half an acre in the country.  It was a very typical case of the cat adopting the person.  This cat just started hanging around and Dad started feeding her, then he decided she was his cat.  
At first she was strictly 'an outside cat and would sleep in the garage'. However, it wasn't very long before he decided that it was too cold outside and she was allowed in the house but only during the coldest part of the winter. Then.... it was really too hot during the summer so she needed to be inside where she could cool off.  

You can see where this is going.  It didn't take long to have Dad wrapped around her furry paw.  She had full run of the house and the yard whenever she wanted. Dad made her stay in at night and she woke him up early every morning for her breakfast (a habit she has hung on to now that she lives with me).
When we had to move Dad to an Assisted Living Facility, 'Miss Gooch' (Dad couldn't remember her real name anymore) came to live with me. 

She's been through a lot, especially in the last few years but she seems to be holding her own.  
I'm helping you sort the mail. Are there any free kitty treats today?

She's adjusted pretty well to be an indoor cat though I can tell she'd like to have a garden to dig around in now and then.  

Happy Sun-Cat
Here she is being extremely cute again; she's rolling around on the floor in the sun that's streaming in.  It's unfortunate that she chose to do this while I was crafting and there's a scrap of cheesecloth on the floor but it was still darn cute!

Supervisor in charge of EVERYTHING!
Often she lays on my desk and takes a nap while I'm working. I  certainly enjoy the company but there is a fair bit of fur floating around the desk. I recently made a pad for her to lay on (you can see the pink & white stripes over her shoulder on the right) first, because in winter the desk top is a bit chilly and secondly, to try to keep the fur a bit more contained... we'll see. 

I thought I was rescuing her and that she needed me, but as it turns out we needed each other. I can't imagine what the last two years would have been like without her company.  
Sometimes happiness arrives with pointy ears and a long tail.


  1. Thanks for joining in Happy Tuesday! I'm so glad you decided to post about your sweet kitty. She's beautiful, and I'm sure she brings you so many smiles. :-) Please do stop by next week, too, I'd love to see you again!

  2. Hi Jenny, - I really appreciate the invitation. I look forward to participating again, soon!