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Monday, August 19, 2013

Hot August Monday...

Ok, maybe not that hot but it's a bit stuffy in my 'office' today.  The view out the window is lovely, blue sky and white puffy clouds, I really like white puffy clouds.  I used to live in a place that stayed very hot all summer long and I would always wish for a few clouds to just float by and block the sun for a short time. Just a short break from the sizzling hotness that just kept beating down on us relentlessly.
I know that clouds mean moisture and what's worse than sizzling hot, unrelenting sunshine? All that heat mixed with humidity and humidity can be dreadful. But I wasn't asking for a lot of clouds just a few. Maybe just one? Anything? A large dragon fly?
I wanted to get a picture of the puffy clouds for you but the view from the deck is blocked by trees. You'll have to settle for these not so puffy but still pretty clouds.

One of my favorite 'weather conditions' (??) is a day when there are lots of clouds bouncing all over the sky and lots of sun. Every so often the clouds block the sun and the lighting in your house completely changes and for a few moments you feel a bit of relief from the scorching heat. It's purely psychological but fabulous all the same.

When I decided to start a blog, I was convinced that I was could be witty, fun and entertaining. Yeah, about that... Apparently, that person only exists in my head and for some reason I'm not able to translate all that wit into my writing.
I've decided it's probably best to leave the witty repartee to the more experienced bloggers and just work on showing you pictures of my tablescapes.  (A new one is on its way any day now). Part of 'tablescaping' (that's not really a word... yet) for me is finding ways to use the same stuff over and over in different ways.  First, it's financially sound and secondly I don't currently have a huge closet I can use to store all this fun stuff. 
Right now, each grouping, for example July 4th, gets put into a storage tub that is then hauled down to the garage. The problem with that is that it's hard to find pieces that might cross-over into different seasons or groupings.  I'm not worried, eventually I'll find a way to get everything organized so that I can see it all and have easy access (perhaps another reason to downsize my wardrobe!). I've already decided to downsize the craft supplies so that I have room on that shelving unit.   
I hope it's not too hot where you are today... and if it is, I'm sending you big puffy clouds to block the sun for just a bit.

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