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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bragging... Showing Off... Sharing the joy!

The tablescape I did for the second half of July will have to wait (yes, it's already a couple weeks late). I'm sure you'll be patient with me.

I'm so excited about the Cute Lilly Loot, (borrowing one of my favorite references from Miss Janice) I found at Marshall's, I just had to share.

Here's the whole pink & green Lilly haul!

A closeup of just the tray
This pattern is called (let me go look since I don't remember...) no, it's actually called "Luscious" and I really like it. I don't have all the patterns memorized, I just go by what I like.  Perhaps this one wasn't a big hit and that's why there was so much of it at Marshall's or it was discontinued last year. Regardless, I am the happy owner of a fun set for next summer.
The pitcher (56 oz) and four plates - now I just need some pretty green basket-like chargers.  I didn't buy the plastic tumblers or wine glasses (2/$9.99) but I'm going to keep an eye on them. If they last and get marked down I may reconsider. I don't mind drinking out of plastic (all Lilly plastic is BPA free) but I don't like to serve my guests in plastic-ware unless we're dining outside.

"Gimme Some Leg" tech case. It's roomy enough for my phone, keys, cash & small lip balm.
The tech case was up front by the registers/check-out line... I was about to say it was an 'impulse buy' but then pretty much all of this fun Lilly stuff was an impulse buy.
I wasn't really shopping for anything specific; I stop by Marshall's, Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, & similar stores occasionally looking for great deals on pieces for my tablescapes.  This just happened to be another fabulous find day.  I found some wonderful black porcelain chargers at Tuesday Morning for my New Year's eve table but there were only three. 
Tuesday Morning is like that, I often find three glasses, three plates, three platters, etc. Since a lot of what they stock are well known brands, I can always search online for that 4th piece. (I'm just not always willing to pay the prices I find online).

Stay tuned for the pictures of the July table and coming soon (as soon as it's finished) the August tablescape!!!  

The cat is happily sleeping on my desk and I have reports that need my attention. Hope you're having a wonderful, preppy summer!

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