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Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Tablescape

Happy Spring (almost summer)!
I suppose that depends on where you live.  Spring started off beautifully but then clouds and rain came back for most of May & June.  I'm hoping for the best as July approaches.

When I first decided to start putting more effort into my tablescapes I spent a lot of money on things I wanted.  After comparing notes with a friend who was only buying things for her tablescapes that were really inexpensive I decided that was really a much better approach. Now I keep my eye out for things I want but I'm very conservative and frugal with my purchases.

I really love charger plates (sometimes called service plates) but it's challenging to find really unique patterns at a reasonable price. While I can get lots of different colors of the lacquered plastic at Michael's they're not really what I want.  I did end up ordering some dark pink lacquered chargers with a flower petal type edge from Hobby Lobby because I couldn't find anything else that would work.

I've had those hibiscus plates for years and now I'm wishing I would have bought four instead of just two.
I love the look of the dark placemats with the white & bright summer colors.

I found these fun palm tree goblets at Home Goods a couple months ago.  I'm looking for some bamboo handle flatware to go with them. I have found some online but I'm holding out for a really good deal.

Just a little knick-knack from Big Lots

I do love fresh flowers on the table.

This weekend I'll start working on the July 4th tablescape.  For holiday specific tables, except Christmas, I usually set them up at least a week before and change them soon after the holiday has passed.

Stay Preppy!

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