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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Notes on breakfast

A word about maple syrup...

Actually, this is more of a rant.  This morning I went out to a late breakfast as part of my 'change everything' efforts. (This falls under the start getting out of the house more often, more later)  I ordered the french toast and bacon and while it all tasted good it just would have been so much better with real maple syrup. Perhaps I'm a maple syrup snob but I don't think restaurants should NOT be allowed to call golden, amber glue they serve maple syrup. It's simply maple flavored corn syrup. Blech! pitoooey! They didn't even bother warm it up - OH THE INHUMANITY TO FRENCH TOAST!
And while I'm whining about restaurant food... I found it interesting that when the size 00 waitress brought my three slices of french toast and there was only ONE pat of butter on the plate.  Now I'm sure some health nuts people only use one teaspoon of butter for three pieces of french toast but this not how my Mother raised me! Before she could run away, I asked the tee-tiny waitress to bring me more which she did.
Moving on, if I haven't lost you already, why is the butter always wither ice cold or completely frozen? What are the options? Hold it in your hand to warm it up while the ultimate destination gets cold? I've seen the butter massage technique, where you smash up the wrapped pat to make it soft enough to spread. While effective, probably not something Emily Post would approve of. Yes, the french toast was warm enough to soften the butter but how much heat was lost in that exchange?
I have learned my lesson; order the butter first. Yep, have your server bring it out while they're cooking your breakfast, that way your toast or pancakes or whatever have a fighting chance.  

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