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Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Year, New Digs, Re-Newed Ideas!

Hi All,
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a bright, shiny Happy New Year. 

I moved the week of Thanksgiving and haven't had time (or the inclination) to set a single table. At this point I'm still waiting for a friend to reassemble the china cabinet so I can finish unpacking the dishes and crystal. 

The new place is larger but I'm still struggling with getting everything put away and organized. I thought I had downsized quite a bit after the last move but apparently in addition to accumulating dishes it appears I haven't been trying hard to enough to continue to declutter and simplify. 

I've read that moving can be one of the most stressful things one can do. I didn't give it much thought until I found myself sitting very still on the couch unable to do much of anything and surrounded by moving boxes. Moving stress coupled with the shorter winter days and some especially cold weather has delayed the settling-in process by several weeks. 

I'm not here to talk about my lack of ambition and wallow in self-pity I'm here to talk about a couple of new blogs that inspired me to try to make my house a warm, inviting & organized home. 

The first piece of inspiration is this bit of advice is from The Vocational Homemaker, "choose one task that you will commit to doing to your best and highest ability every single time you do it. EVERY SINGLE TIME. By 'best ability', I mean do it so well that it looks like a professional did it."

I chose to make my bed with this approach (this means completely making the bed over not just straightening the blankets and putting the decorative pillows in place). I watched some videos to look for ways to improve on my bed making technique. While it's not quite as good as 'clean sheet night' it's pretty close. Once this becomes more of a habit, I'll add something else to my daily chores that I can do to the very best of my ability. 

The second great idea I found was this approach to menu planning from the Plain and Not So Plain blog. She plans a monthly dinner menu, not so unusual, but she also includes ideas for quick meals if something happens to derail her dinner plans. I'm going to give this idea a try along with a list like this Dinner Ideas to come up with some menus that I can put into rotation. 

Another great suggestion she had was to save your shopping lists for a couple of months and then use them to create a master shopping list. I've seen pre-printed 'master' shopping lists but they've never worked for me, not sure why it never dawned on me to make my own. I think I'll also start saving receipts, I tend to buy more than what's on the list all too frequently.

Much like china and table settings, I can talk about home-keeping all day. If I were only as ambitious around the house as I am in my head. Spring will get here eventually and I usually get a bit more spring in my step with the arrival of longer days and warmer temperatures. 

A belated Happy New Year!!

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