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Friday, September 23, 2016

These Things Are Great!!

Have you ever bought a product so great, you just want to tell everyone how happy you are with it? Well, that's exactly what's happening here today.

I got these Capstone Puck Lights at Costco last week

snip from Costco mailer

I thought they'd be useful as under-cabinet/task lights for the kitchen.  

But when I opened the carton and read the instructions and saw the remote....!!! Oh my what a great find!

Yes, they come with a remote. The remote not only turns them off & on, it also adjusts the brightness and has various timer settings. 

snip from Amazon

They also included all the batteries for all 6 lights - I can't remember last time I bought some where the batteries were already included? (Other than my toothbrush) I plan to switch over to rechargeable batteries once the originals are done. 

Though I bought them for task lighting I realized that I could use them in the pantry since it doesn't have a light. I can either use the remote or just reach in and push the light on. I'm thinking of other places where I can use them around the house; closets, that really deep kitchen cupboard or strategically placed to serve as emergency lights in case of power outages. The remote makes them super convenient when they're in hard to reach places. 

They come with adhesive discs and the instructions state that the adhesive is permanent and may damage surfaces. I'll be using Command strips instead to insure I don't take ruin any finishes or damage the wall. 

I wish I'd taken some pictures before I pulled everything apart and threw away the packaging, unfortunately we'll just have to make do with snips from the web. 

I'm not being compensated for this post, I just wanted to share what I think is a great product. 

Happy Discoveries!

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