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Friday, August 7, 2015

Spring Tea

Better late than...

In April I hosted a tea for some friends, while not everything turned out as expected I still consider it a success.

I set the table using the Lacey pattern from Pier 1. I was quite fortunate to find the one extra plate I needed at the local store since they've discontinued this color. 

The flatware I used is the fabulous Evening Star silverplate I found last December. Just before the tea I found the individual butter spreaders on Etsy! 

There's something about this teapot that reminds me of Mrs. Potts from Beauty & the Beast. Now that I know I can't replace it, I have to reduce the amount of time it spends in the rotation - I try to use a different teapot each month.

I tried to include sweeteners that everyone would like, there are Splenda packets in the sugar bowl. 

Just like a tea room, each lady got her own pot of tea. I was too warm for bustling around to drink hot tea that day, that's why there are only three.

The Southern Living iced tea glasses were used for water. The little floral bowls had lemon curd and faux devon cream. The gold topped container was used for homemade jam.

The tale of the lemon curd: As I was getting things ready, making the sandwiches, baking the scones etc. I went to the pantry to get the lemon curd I'd put up and much to my disappointment it was bad. I had to hurry and make more, can't have a tea without lemon curd! Fortunately I remembered a recipe a saw when I was looking at recipes for the tea it was a recipe for microwave lemon curd, I was saved! It took the up the little extra time I had but it was delicious! I was still running around finishing things when my guests arrived but they were very understanding and insisted that I stop apologizing and just relax. 

The menu for the day included;
strawberry scones
cheese scones
Waldorf chicken salad on mini croissants
cucumber and herbed cream cheese canapes
pimiento cheese sandwiches
key lime tarts
chocolate pots de creme in phyllo shells
tangerine tea cake

Everything turned out well and I was very pleased with everything. The next day I invited over some close friends for a 'leftovers' tea. It was a lot of fun and a lot more relaxed! 


  1. Oh my, is this ever pretty! One of my absolute favourite colour themes! Love the aqua teapot with the sugar and cream! The tablecloth, aqua plates, and silverware is delightful. I have the same Evening Star silverware. It was a wedding gift to my mother from my grandparents and I'm so happy I have it now. The menu sounds fabulous! I'm sure your guests enjoyed your tea party. I know I would! Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day.


  2. Love the beautiful Teal table. It looks like everything was perfect. Have a great week! Blessings, Martha

  3. What a lovely tea! I especially like the pretty blue dishes from Pier 1.