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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Just one of those days...

Yesterday I woke up and got a great start on my weekend to do list.  After making some great progress around the house it was time to run errands - which I did. Made five stops and only forgot one item (it was even on the list!). I was pretty exhausted by the time I got home but I still managed to clean out & organize a bathroom cupboard... before collapsing into bed.   

I woke up to another bright & sunny day ready to get started on the rest of that 'to do' list. Then... I got a text from my neighbor inviting me over for a latte. Clearly, nurturing friendships and catching up takes precedence over housework and ironing.  

She was supervising the ironing while making sure I knew that at any moment she might want more breakfast. 

While I may not have been as productive as I planned today, I had a wonderful visit with my friend. I also got a few things crossed off the 'to do' list and still took time to relax and enjoy my weekend.   

Working full-time means that weekends are usually filled with errands & housework. Some weekends I get a lot done and other weekends I just relax and play, mostly it's a wonderful mix of both.  

Hope all your weekends turn out just the way... they're supposed to.  

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