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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

and... I'm back...

Time has been doing weird things lately... I've been trying to explain it you for the last 30 minutes but just can't seem to express the randomness of time flying by, feeling normal or standing still.

I got the table done last weekend but didn't get the pictures done until a week later.

Instead of individual place settings, I just sort of gathered everything on the table mostly because I wanted to show off the new turkey plates.  Wondering now if I should have used a plain tablecloth... hmmm..

If you ever need anyone to second guess your decisions, I'm available. Although I'm usually pretty busy second guessing myself so often I may not have time to help you.

Here they are!!! The fabulous turkey plates by Spode.  I look forward to adding to this Woodland set but for now I'm happy to have these.

Now I just have to find a bit more room... somewhere... no problem. There are only four plates to store.
Well, actually I should say four more plates to store along with the four new yellow plates and the 4 new (to me) leaf plates. I think you get the picture.

I've had this turkey lantern for quite a while and I just love it. On Thanksgiving day he will probably have to move to another part of the house to make room for the all the yummy food!!

 I just love these napkin rings and how they look all stacked up together.

The leaf glasses and the critter candles make yet another appearance but I think they're ready to hibernate for the winter.

A turkey plate close-up.

Another shot of the turkey lantern and the plates. Wish I would have smoothed the table cloth before I took the picture. I really like this shot!

I hope you have a good Thanksgiving, whatever you end up doing. I saw this blessing on Pinterest recently;
"God bless the food before us, the friends besides us and the love between us".

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I had to take the table apart a bit to wash everything for Thanksgiving day and I decided to also move the table cloth to the table at which we'd actually be eating.  While the antique table my friends are loading me is beautiful it's completely impractical for dining it's a drop leaf table and there's no room for anyone's legs.

I took a few more pictures after I washed all the pieces I'd need and rearranged things a bit.

As it turns out I really prefer the plain wood table to the busy tablecloth for this fall setting. I didn't want to put the turkey plates back in the basket since they were all washed and sticking them back in the foam and excelsior didn't seem like a good idea. I piled the napkins in their rings onto the basket to make it a bit more interesting.

One of the pumpkin tureens held the gravy and while I washed the leaf plates we ended up just serving ourselves buffet style from the kitchen so didn't need as many serving pieces.

Here's where we ate our yummy dinner.  To make more room we removed the chargers from the table and it all worked out perfectly. The cranberry and gravy were on the big table next to us but easily within reach.

Thanksgiving was a huge success and as usual we had a great time making it. For the second year, the stuffing didn't make it into the oven until the turkey was out and resting but we really enjoyed everything. Dinner was totally delicious and dessert even more so. I made pumpkin cheesecake bars but my friends peanut butter chocolate pie was truly the grande finale!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Remember November

It's been an interesting fall for me this year. The weather has been perfect, I've felt more love and support from my friends than  I have in years... and I've been really distracted with other life stuff.  The last point being the excuse for a very brief post.

This table is just a bit more fall but I'm not quite ready for a Thanksgiving table yet.

The little woodland critters are making another appearance next to another fun napkin fold.

I really like these soup tureens so I had to use them at least one more time.

Without any planning it turns out these glasses match the table cloth I've had for years.
I only wish my table was a bit bigger, I had a few more things I wanted to add but they just wouldn't fit. Hmmm... maybe that's for the best. 

More leaf plates - these are a bit smaller and in a variety of colors, rather than all brown.

I found this piece at the GW and I thought for sure I found a second piece, a small plate or something but if I did buy I have no idea what I did with it.

Soup tureen, up close & personal

Yellow leaf on yellow plate, it photographed better than I thought it would.
Still working on my photography, I think the lighting may be the challenge. 

I hope you're having an amazing autumn and have a chance to enjoy all the fun and excitement of the coming holidays.

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