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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday, Sunday

I hope you're having a marvelous day.

I should be doing housework and laundry and maybe even some organizing but... I just feel like having a lazy Sunday.  This often happens when I end up putting my robe on instead of actual clothing to feed the cat first thing in the morning. My sweet kitty is very demanding so she gets fed before (almost) anything else happens in my day.  Have you heard that saying; 'Dogs have owners, cats have staff'.  Uh huh, that's me.
Here she is with her pink doggie. She pretends not to care about him when anyone is around, but I've seen her look for him on more than one occasion when she's settling down for a nap.

As I write this (rambling) post, I'm watching a sappy Hallmark movie. (Instead of doing something constructive like laundry or emptying the dishwasher) You're right, almost all Hallmark movies are sappy. This one is "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" and I'm really enjoying it. I like the mix of romance and intellectual nerdy-ness. It was a great way to spend a relaxing Sunday morning.

I love weekend breakfasts, I can relax and be a bit more creative than a normal workday breakfast. Today I made oatmeal, and while that doesn't sound all that creative... read on.  I will spare you pictures of it my bowl of porridge because, let's face it, an extremely amateur photograph of oatmeal can be somewhat less than appealing.
I cooked said old fashioned rolled oats in a mixture of water, diced apples, dried cherries, dried cranberries, a small cinnamon stick and a splash of cream.... and some brown sugar.  Once the hot cereal had finished its required cooking time, I bowled it (is that right? you can't really 'plate' oatmeal) and garnished it with toasted pecans and slivered almonds with a final glorious drizzle of real maple syrup.

Oh yum! Perfect for a cloudy fall morning.

I hope you had a great weekend!

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