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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween my pretties!

I put this table together about two weeks ago but life got busy and I just got around to taking pictures today.

Years ago I bought a few of these witches boots, then for a long time I couldn't find anymore to add to the collection. Then... two years ago I found the one below... then this year I found the black & white striped one and another at Pier1... then I found the little sparkly one at JoAnn's... then the tall sparkly one at the local grocery store.  It took a long time but I was finally able to add to my witches boot collection - oh Thank You Great Pumpkin! 

This is the boot I found two years ago, it was at a pumpkin patch gift store.

This guy waited on the clearance rack quite a while before I decided I had to bring him home!  I don't know if there were picks that coordinated but they were long gone by the time I bought the tray.

As near as I can recollect (does that make me sound old?) this is the very first time I've made cheesecloth ghosts.  I'm not sure why I waited so long, it was super easy.

My friend said my table was creepy but cute.

Is that still a compliment?

I found this 'cute' couple at GW but the original price tag was from Yankee Candle.  Not a witches boot but too fun to pass up.
 I had wanted to get several battery operated candles for the table but this is the only one that was somewhat reasonably priced.  Maybe there will be some left at the post-Halloween sales. He's so cheerful!

Skeleton ghost - not so cheerful.

I got four of these at GW for a ridiculously low price. I went out to eBay looking for those Halloween plates I posted previously and while I was out there I looked up these mugs. WOW - I got an incredibly good deal on these beauties!

 The witches boots holding the orange tapers were from the original set several years ago. I got the salt & pepper shakers at the time, too.

Here is another one of those mugs. The napkins are halloween bandanas and the little brooms in the mugs are actually pens.

The tall sparkly boot in the center is from the grocery store and the little sparkly book at the right is from JoAnn's.

Another fun table but as usual I'm already thinking about the next one.

I should probably be thinking about packing all this up and considering where I'm going to store it.  I think the ghosties aren't going to look the same by next year... but there's always more starch.

I showed a friend a picture of the silver table and she said something like "I'd like to be invited to one of your parties". Hahaha, these tables aren't for parties, they're just for fun and they make me happy.

I'll be joining the party, a bit late, at The Tablescaper, Kathleen Cuisine and Between Naps on the Porch, in the next several days.

Tablecloth - just a piece of fabric from JoAnn's
Black chargers - Tuesday Morning
Yellow plates - Dollar Tree
Halloween Bandanas - JoAnn's
Orange flatware -local discount store
Glossy witches boots - Pier1
Black candle holders, Halloween mugs, skeleton couple - Goodwill
Mummy tray- Grasslands Road
Pumpkin Tureens - Certified Int'l
Other witches boots - uhhhh???


  1. Cute, cute table! That piece of fabric makes a wonderful tablecloth. I have never made the cheesecloth ghosts...will have to find out how.
    Have a great week...

    1. I had almost forgotten about the fabric when I was planning the table but I was very happy when I opened the tub and found it! I meant to cut it and sew it into a real tablecloth but that didn't happen... for the second year in a row.
      The ghosts are easy, just some liquid starch in a bowl and drape it on a form.

  2. Such a cute table! I LOVE those witch's boots and would really like to find some for next year. Your colors all look so well together. Isn't this a great hobby?! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

    1. A very fun hobby indeed!! I got a couple of the witches boots this year at Pier 1, there was a paper maiche one at JoAnn's. I hope you were able to find some before all the Halloween decor got sold out.
      Thank you for your kind comments!