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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What to wear?

Planning a preppy wardrobe for the summer is pretty easy but let's face it Lily didn't have to deal with the cold and rain of the PNW. As much I love pink and green, most of summer stuff won't translate well into fall and winter.
Chevron Coat
Love the detail on the toe of the boot.
I looked around Polyvore and found some cute things.

After all the chevron dresses & blouses I saw this summer I was thrilled to see this great chevron print jacket.     

                                     Tuesday Teal
The link print on this teal blouse was something I saw a lot of during the summer and I even have a couple shirts in my closet that look similar.  I'm totally in love with that long cardigan. This set is perfect for Totally Teal Tuesday. Do they have that where you live?                   

                             Game Day!
This game day set makes me wish I had a game to go to. I loved the adorable game day dresses I saw on some blogs at the end of summer but those cute cotton dresses won't keep you warm up here.  You can still show your team spirit with a bright coat and some warm layers underneath.                       


                                           Comfortable can be cute!

I have to admit that the polo shirt above doesn't look all that flattering but it is a polo and would be very cute with these blue chinos and that gorgeous sweater (again).

                                     Black jeans & cheetah shoes

Clearly I need some black jeans so that I can wear my cheetah flats more often.  I really like both coral and green with cheetah, not sure why it just works for me. 

It was challenging to find sets that didn't feature skinny jeans. I don't wear skinny jeans. I don't like skinny jeans. 

I recently saw this on either facebook or pinterest "They're called skinny jeans. That doesn't mean they make you look skinny when you wear them".  One must be long of leg and narrow of hip & thigh to rock skinny jeans.  As you might surmise, 'none of the above' best describes me.

Balance & proportion.

Just keepin' it real.

Perhaps you can tell by my fashion choices that it's been raining all weekend. I really don't mind too much it gave me an excuse not to go anywhere.  I got some housework done and spent plenty of time relaxing... and looking at Polyvore... and reading blogs.

Come back soon to check out my Mad for Plaid Polyvore sets!

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