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Sunday, September 29, 2013

What to wear?

Planning a preppy wardrobe for the summer is pretty easy but let's face it Lily didn't have to deal with the cold and rain of the PNW. As much I love pink and green, most of summer stuff won't translate well into fall and winter.
Chevron Coat
Love the detail on the toe of the boot.
I looked around Polyvore and found some cute things.

After all the chevron dresses & blouses I saw this summer I was thrilled to see this great chevron print jacket.     

                                     Tuesday Teal
The link print on this teal blouse was something I saw a lot of during the summer and I even have a couple shirts in my closet that look similar.  I'm totally in love with that long cardigan. This set is perfect for Totally Teal Tuesday. Do they have that where you live?                   

                             Game Day!
This game day set makes me wish I had a game to go to. I loved the adorable game day dresses I saw on some blogs at the end of summer but those cute cotton dresses won't keep you warm up here.  You can still show your team spirit with a bright coat and some warm layers underneath.                       


                                           Comfortable can be cute!

I have to admit that the polo shirt above doesn't look all that flattering but it is a polo and would be very cute with these blue chinos and that gorgeous sweater (again).

                                     Black jeans & cheetah shoes

Clearly I need some black jeans so that I can wear my cheetah flats more often.  I really like both coral and green with cheetah, not sure why it just works for me. 

It was challenging to find sets that didn't feature skinny jeans. I don't wear skinny jeans. I don't like skinny jeans. 

I recently saw this on either facebook or pinterest "They're called skinny jeans. That doesn't mean they make you look skinny when you wear them".  One must be long of leg and narrow of hip & thigh to rock skinny jeans.  As you might surmise, 'none of the above' best describes me.

Balance & proportion.

Just keepin' it real.

Perhaps you can tell by my fashion choices that it's been raining all weekend. I really don't mind too much it gave me an excuse not to go anywhere.  I got some housework done and spent plenty of time relaxing... and looking at Polyvore... and reading blogs.

Come back soon to check out my Mad for Plaid Polyvore sets!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Fall has arrived! Even as I type there's a big storm outside as if to prove, without a doubt, the change of seasons.  A more serious moment; I'm feeling very blessed that I'm inside, warm, dry & cozy, and that I get stay in here and enjoy my weekend.

It took some restraint, not my strong suit, to wait until the first day of autumn to change my tablescape themes over to fall colors. I had made a fall wreath and bought a silk fall leaf garland for the light fixture weeks ago but they remained in 'hiding' until the Autumnal Equinox (extra points for fancy words that contain the letter 'x'). I've seen pictures on other blogs of fall decor with lots of pumpkins but I'm going to wait a long time before I add pumpkins around the house... a full 7 days! I know, I'm so strong.

This tablescape is sort of a late summer theme which made sense where I used to live where summer could linger into October. Even though here in the PNW summer came to an abrupt end about a week before the first day of autumn, I had already made up my mind to go with the sunflowers. I can't say that I miss the lingering heat from a long summer.  I'm enjoying the cooler temperatures and the fall color.

My sunflower table

The mugs actually inspired this table, I've had them for a few years, and like many of my other tablescape treasures, I'm wishing I would have bought four of them.  I found the pattern online but I didn't find any place to purchase them inexpensively.

I made the napkin rings with a strip of felt and some Dollar Tree sunflowers.

We may not have progressed as far as we have as a society without the invention of glue guns. Okay, maybe just on the crafting side but the variety of adhesives available has made crafting much more accessible to the un-crafty, like me. Due to circumstances that will remain top secret, I only use the low melt type glue gun/glue, I'm also a big fan a re-positional glue and tape.

The amber glassware is from Ross and with it comes a confession of sorts.  I may have mentioned previously that I don't have a lot of storage for all the dishes and accessories.  Most of it is in tubs stored in closet in the garage and other pieces are stored in various spaces around the house, like that china cabinet you see in the background.  Back to the glasses... I found these in the clearance section and was pleased, thinking how great they'd look on my fall tables.
When I went to gather the bits and pieces for this table, I opened a tub in the garage and found... four amber colored glasses.  Yep, I had bought some others at Tuesday Morning months before because I knew I wanted amber glasses for my fall tables.  Apparently, amber glasses like living at my house.

Are you ready for this story? Okay, no long story this time.  I found these cuties early in spring and could hardly wait to use them.  Big Lots sunflower plates, Dollar Tree yellow plates and I think the (red) charges are from Michael's, last year.

The placemats were a Christmas or birthday gift from my Mom a few years ago when I was just starting to decorate my table now and then. I nearly donated them when I moved but I'm glad I didn't, it's hard to tell in this picture but they are the perfect color for this tablescape.

Here would be a great place to say something witty and/or funny.  Hmmmm.... uhhhh... Where does the general keep his armies?

In his sleevies!! hahahaha

This time the climb up on the step-stool for the all important aerial shot turned out pretty well.  It definitely looks less cluttered from this vantage point.  I'm not sure that's a good thing.

By now you may be wondering why I don't have any flatware on the table.  That's easy I don't have any that matches.  The red set from the apple table was too orangey red and the orange you'll see next month clashed with ... well almost everything.  My everyday flatware?  It just didn't feel right to introduce stainless with all these warm golds & reds.  The green handled (partial) set might have worked but so far I've only been able to find the knives.

If fall hasn't arrived wherever you are, I hope it shows up soon.  And if anyone is a psychologist out there, (or plays on on TV) I'd be interested to know why the majority of women I know, and several bloggers I follow, state that fall is their favorite season. It's my favorite as well; the crisp air, the beautiful fall colors on the trees, and the baking! Spring with all it's gorgeous color and reappearance of green after the drab browns and grays of winter is wonderful too.  Maybe it's because fall seems to be about nesting and that is just what a lot of us are good at.

Or... because I can wear long pants alll the time and I don't have to worry about what my legs look like until next summer?

Happy Fall Ya'll !

I'll be linking up at The Tablescaper for Seasonal Sunday & Between Naps on the Porch on Tablescape Thursday.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Even More Incredible

Today, we'll have a little departure from Preppy & Tablescaping... okay, it's probably a big departure.

A couple times a week I prepare myself a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit, eggs (2, scrambled w/cheese), toast, tea and juice (V8 Fusion so I get my full serving of fruit and veg). I feel very pampered as a sit quietly enjoying my breakfast and reading a magazine before my busy work day. 

Since I started this ritual a few years ago, I've modified the meal a bit to be a bit healthier. Switched out one of the eggs to just egg whites and lowfat cheese in the eggs. Also an improvement of sorts, an English muffin instead of just toast. In my humble opinion, fork split muffins are superior to sliced muffins, it's that whole 'nooks & crannies' thing. One half of the muffin gets low cholesterol butter with homemade low-sugar jam but the other half gets real butter

Look away now if the sight of raw eggs disturbs you... 

One thing that brightens this ritual even more is the rare event when I crack an egg and get a double yolk!!!  (The picture below is from several months ago)

There's no way to prove to you that the two smaller yolks came from one egg.

You'll just have to take my word for it, even though you don't know me.

For reference this is a cereal size bowl by the way, so you get a better idea of the size of the yolks. 

Gosh, even looking at these pictures again makes me smile! 

I'm okay with you thinking I've lost my mind, really. It's perfectly okay.  This blog is about what makes me happy and this just happens to be one of those things in life that always puts a smile on my face.

This egg is from just a couple of weeks ago, one jumbo egg, two yolks. Me - BIG SMILE. Since I only cracked one egg, there's no comparison with a regular single yolk.

While this still made me happy, it's not quite as amazing as the first picture. See the picture at the top was a double yolk from a regular large egg and this second picture is a double yolk from a jumbo egg.

By the way, isn't it sad what passes for a large or even extra large egg these days?  I know there are certain standards for weight but they really look puny.

This was taken with the new camera and I couldn't quite get the color right. This egg is in a slightly larger cereal bowl and I haven't added the eggs whites yet.

Somewhere there's probably some old saying about getting a double yolk and how it brings you good luck and happiness and prosperity, right?!

I hope you fix yourself an amazing breakfast this week!

Monday, September 16, 2013

An apple a day...

Apples are very good for you in many ways but this post isn't about food, though apple crisp sounds delicious, it's about the first of my September tablescapes.

I decided to set a tea for two table this time. First, just because I wanted to do something different and also because there wasn't just enough stuff to fill up the table.

When I put this together the weather was still pretty warm, as a matter of fact we experienced record breaking heat (for the date) just last week. Since then, the temperatures have cooled down quite a bit and we've had some rain.  Looking at the forecast, it does appear that fall has arrived.. or fallen in the case of the rain. 
I found this flatware at Goodwill a few days before I put this table together and I wasn't even looking for red flatware.  Interestingly, it's service for 5 with two butter spreaders. So maybe, 1 set went with someone to college. Those little baskets are JoAnn's very cute but really cheaply made. They should be paying people to take them out of the store. Yeah, yeah - I did buy them but only because I knew they'd look great on this table. 
I'm still learning about the various settings on my new camera. The picture above was taken using the miniature setting which blurs out the top & bottom of the photo. I kinda like it.  Most of the pictures were taken with different settings, that's part of the fun.  What's not so good... I only remember the setting for the one above. Oh well, it's a photography adventure!

I made the runner, yes I made it! The center seam was sewn on the machine and then I used fuse-able webbing to finish all the edges. It's a table runner not a couture gown, if the Project Runway people want to come all the way over here and squeeze themselves into my house to critique my apple table runner... yeah, uh huh, I'll start making them some cookies... soon as that sock drawer is organized.

A bit of a close-up of the basket. You may recognize the napkins from last month's table, or maybe not. Notice the little white blossoms on the runner... 
See that little recipe box in the upper right corner of the picture directly above. The recipes in it are from a friend of my Mom's. For a birthday several years ago this woman made copies (some handwritten, some machine copied) of her favorite recipes for me and there are a lot of them!  I don't think I was appreciative as I should have been at the time but I am now.  Like many other people, I get a lot of recipes from blogs and other websites, rarely opening my cookbooks or recipe boxes but when I was quickly looking through this box searching for an apple pie recipe, I realized that there are a lot of interesting recipes in there I should try.  I was doing some recipe testing last month and it was fun but I had to take a break but I think my stomach is ready for something new.

A close-up of teapot & cups. The teapot was on the clearance table at Macy's a few months ago and the cups are from Goodwill. These I were looking for and if you've ever seen all the coffee mugs at Goodwill, you'll know that finding two matching cups without searching and searching is pretty amazing.

Another shot of the tea tray. I made the little paper apples a while ago using my Cricut. The tray has a rooster under that napkin, which is why I covered it.  
Remember when I mentioned the blossom on the (beautifully crafted) table runner?  Well, I didn't realize it at the time but when I brought the fabric home I noticed that the teapot also had a little a little white blossom on it as well.
Pretty amazing, considering I was looking at three different apple prints at the fabric store.  Divine intervention? Law of attraction? Subconscious choice - I had been using the teapot pretty regularly prior to this table setting. Just lucky or interesting coincidence?  Doesn't matter, don't care.

I struggled with the settings on the camera a lot with this one to the point I probably have more than 60 photos of this little tea for two setting.  I do love digital photos, they're made from (non) photographers like me.

I hope the change of seasons brings you joy... and caramel apples!

I'll be joining the party at The Tablescaper tomorrow & Between Naps on the Porch on Tablescape Thursday.
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beauty of summer

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.  They are all dahlias.

 I wish I could provide all the names but I'm sorry ...

 I can't. You'll just have to enjoy them without knowing their names.

 I took these with my new camera

 and while these all look pretty good

 others turned out a bit fuzzy, sadly.    This pink is my favorite of the group.

I sort of know the name of this one but I have no idea how to spell it

 I believe this is called Bishop of York

 I guess I could make up some names but that might get me in trouble

and I think this is Cherubini but I'm not sure at all

I apologize for not knowing all the names of these gorgeous blooms