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Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day!!

and Happy 5th (just didn't have time to complete my July 4th post until now)

I had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating with friends and even though the gathering was only a few hours I feel like I was laughing and visiting all day. As a result I had a very slow start this morning and I'm still not moving very quickly. I have an old movie on TV and it's quite distracting (I'm easily distracted), Any other fans of '1776'? I just love the music. Why, yes - "Sap" is written on my forhead - how did you know?

Here are some pictures of my Independence Day tablescape!
I had a lot of fun with this tablescape!

I started looking for all the pieces a few months ago so it came together pretty easily.  The cute little red lanterns came in a set of three, no I wish I would have bought two sets. Oh well

The blue cups are from Target, the faux candles are from Kohl's, and the holder from Joann's.
Even the breakfast bar got spruced up.

I took tons of pictures of the tablescape with the red goblets, without the goblets (had them for years unfortunately I only have two). I like the little plastic votive stars in theory but not in practice.  I left them on the table for the pictures because I liked the little pops of color.
Since I've been putting more energy into my tablescapes I've surprised myself with how much I like cluttered table.  My attitude seems to be 'the more, the merrier' even though I normally like lots of open space.If anyone actually needed to sit down to eat at the table I'd have to clear away quite a bit of 'decor'.

Remembering summer with The Tablescaper

Here's to the long weekend I get to enjoy! 

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