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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Junior League Brunch

A great way to spend a Saturday Morning

Did I tell you I finally worked up the nerve to join Junior League?  I've been wanting to join for several years but since I prefer to avoid driving in heavy traffic and their offices where I used to live were downtown, as are the offices where I live now. I decided to just deal with it and stop putting it off.  Fortunately, there are easy alternate routes that let me avoid the scariest parts of the highway/freeway. 
During your first year, you're considered a provisional member and today I went to the Junior League Provisional Welcome Brunch!  I had a great time and met some wonderful women. I'm looking forward to making some new friends and supporting my community.
If you're not familiar with Junior League, they're a non-profit service organization and there are chapters all over the country. It was started in New York over 100 years ago! Our first volunteer activity is making dinner for the families at the local Ronald McDonald house.  

 Here's what I rocked wore. I got a lot of compliments and someone even said it looked like Lilly!!

High praise indeed.          Junior League Brunch

Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Tablescape

Happy Spring (almost summer)!
I suppose that depends on where you live.  Spring started off beautifully but then clouds and rain came back for most of May & June.  I'm hoping for the best as July approaches.

When I first decided to start putting more effort into my tablescapes I spent a lot of money on things I wanted.  After comparing notes with a friend who was only buying things for her tablescapes that were really inexpensive I decided that was really a much better approach. Now I keep my eye out for things I want but I'm very conservative and frugal with my purchases.

I really love charger plates (sometimes called service plates) but it's challenging to find really unique patterns at a reasonable price. While I can get lots of different colors of the lacquered plastic at Michael's they're not really what I want.  I did end up ordering some dark pink lacquered chargers with a flower petal type edge from Hobby Lobby because I couldn't find anything else that would work.

I've had those hibiscus plates for years and now I'm wishing I would have bought four instead of just two.
I love the look of the dark placemats with the white & bright summer colors.

I found these fun palm tree goblets at Home Goods a couple months ago.  I'm looking for some bamboo handle flatware to go with them. I have found some online but I'm holding out for a really good deal.

Just a little knick-knack from Big Lots

I do love fresh flowers on the table.

This weekend I'll start working on the July 4th tablescape.  For holiday specific tables, except Christmas, I usually set them up at least a week before and change them soon after the holiday has passed.

Stay Preppy!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Christmas - What's on your list?

Now don't panic, I know Christmas is still a few months away but I wanted to share some observations so that we all have time to really consider what it is about the holidays that we enjoy most OR what do we want to change so that we can enjoy it even more.
Every year I see posts on facebook complaining of how much stress people experience around Christmas and they hate Christmas shopping or that Christmas is too commercial and it should be God & family.

First, people have been complaining about Christmas being too commercial since before the 1930's.  Even Charlie Brown complained about it in the 1964 Charlie Brown Christmas special (that I watch every single year).  Only you can keep the commercialism out of your own personal Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Saturnalia, etc. celebrations.

For me, I love seeing the holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etc) decorations in the stores and everywhere else. If you wish me Happy Hanukkah, I'll smile and say "Thank You" even though it's not a holiday that I celebrate.  I have no patience for people who choose to be offended by "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Kwanzaa" because they don't embrace those particular celebrations or festivals.  I'm also annoyed at stores that cave to the pressure of being politically correct (?) by not posting signs that say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc. 

I would really enjoy seeing signs that celebrate our diversity during December. Speaking from a business perspective, why wouldn't you want to make your holiday displays feel inclusive? Anyone who doesn't celebrate any holiday would probably be avoiding the stores in December anyway and most certainly wouldn't be perusing the aisles that contain decorations.
Okay, I'm climbing down off my soapbox now.  This year, instead of spending a lot of time complaining that you don't have enough time you can just decide that you have more than enough time to get everything done AND enjoy the season. In addition to making a 'to do' list also make a 'bucket list' to remind yourself of all the fun stuff you want to do.

Stay Preppy

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Saturday!

On with the changes!!

Today I made another big change, I got a new hair style!! My stylist cut off about 5" of length and gave me some long layers around my face. I really love it, though it will take some getting used to after several years of just long & straight hair.  I even bought some hot rollers so that I can style it a bit easier (hopefully) than with just a curling iron.

While out running errands and looking for a few preppy accessories I stopped in to J. Jill. I hadn't shopped there in years but stumbled across their website recently and saw they had some cute shift dresses.  While I wasn't in the mood to try on dresses I did find a cute green linen shirt and print tank, they'll be adorable with my green shorts.

Keep it preppy!