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Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Favorites

Since I've found all these great preppy blogs, I've been introduced to some wonderful brands that I'd either never heard of or hadn't previously considered.  Now I'm a fan of Lilly, Vera Bradley, Polo, Land's End, LL Bean and most things pink & green. I found a new appreciation for ballet flats after I saw how cute they looked with Miss Janice's outfits!

I've been a fan of pink for years, probably since the first time I saw Steel Magnolias ("my signature color is pink") but I have a new found appreciation for the dark, saturated pink that I find in Lilly prints and other preppy pieces. I've found some great pieces for my spring/summer wardrobe at Talbot's & Land's End and some cute shoes at Macy's

What I find frustrating is the lack of availability of these new favorites in my area.  Yes, of course I can purchase most of it online but I think it would be so much fun to actually walk into a store to see all the fun goodies in person. I did luck out earlier this year and found two Lilly market bags at the local Marshall's so I'll continue to check back there to see if they get more products.  When I was checking out makeup at Macy's I lucked out that the gift with purchase for Estee Lauder is a Lilly tote & makeup bag. I'm pretty happy about that find.

Happy Thursday :)

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