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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello my preppy friends !

Right now I consider myself a "wannabe" preppy, after all I've only just discovered Lilly in the last year! Having said that, sadly there isn't a Lilly store within 200 miles of here. I don't come from a preppy town and I don't have preppy friends and I though the neighborhood I live in now has preppy potential, it's just not in the right area.
I've seen some great clothes, shoes & accessories on my favorite blogs and most of them tend to be preppy. I've also learned about some of their favorite designers.  As I build my (preppy) capsule wardrobe what are some have items I should think about adding to my closet?

A big thank you to Gracie Beth @ Preppy Southern Princess for her great advice and help in finding some great preppy pieces!

Not a preppy dress but I felt the need to add a picture since this post is so short.

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