Change Everything

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Favorites

Since I've found all these great preppy blogs, I've been introduced to some wonderful brands that I'd either never heard of or hadn't previously considered.  Now I'm a fan of Lilly, Vera Bradley, Polo, Land's End, LL Bean and most things pink & green. I found a new appreciation for ballet flats after I saw how cute they looked with Miss Janice's outfits!

I've been a fan of pink for years, probably since the first time I saw Steel Magnolias ("my signature color is pink") but I have a new found appreciation for the dark, saturated pink that I find in Lilly prints and other preppy pieces. I've found some great pieces for my spring/summer wardrobe at Talbot's & Land's End and some cute shoes at Macy's

What I find frustrating is the lack of availability of these new favorites in my area.  Yes, of course I can purchase most of it online but I think it would be so much fun to actually walk into a store to see all the fun goodies in person. I did luck out earlier this year and found two Lilly market bags at the local Marshall's so I'll continue to check back there to see if they get more products.  When I was checking out makeup at Macy's I lucked out that the gift with purchase for Estee Lauder is a Lilly tote & makeup bag. I'm pretty happy about that find.

Happy Thursday :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello my preppy friends !

Right now I consider myself a "wannabe" preppy, after all I've only just discovered Lilly in the last year! Having said that, sadly there isn't a Lilly store within 200 miles of here. I don't come from a preppy town and I don't have preppy friends and I though the neighborhood I live in now has preppy potential, it's just not in the right area.
I've seen some great clothes, shoes & accessories on my favorite blogs and most of them tend to be preppy. I've also learned about some of their favorite designers.  As I build my (preppy) capsule wardrobe what are some have items I should think about adding to my closet?

A big thank you to Gracie Beth @ Preppy Southern Princess for her great advice and help in finding some great preppy pieces!

Not a preppy dress but I felt the need to add a picture since this post is so short.

Monday, May 27, 2013

May Tablescape

I finally found an arrangement that made me happy... now that May is almost over. I had put something together at the beginning of the month and took lots of pictures but I just didn't like how it turned out.  After taking stuff away and staring at it half-finished I finally figured out what it needed, pulled it all together and I'm much happier with it now.

 May started out with beautiful weather but the last couple of weeks have brought a lot of dark, cloudy days and rain.  This teal scheme brightens up the dining room and my spirits.

 I really enjoy putting together different themed tablescapes and finding things to add from around the house.  This little Southern Belle sits in the China cabinet most of the time but when spring arrives she likes to get some fresh air and show off her lovely dress.

I'll enjoy this table setting for a little while longer before moving on to something new for June.

Dining Etiquette tip - there are two ays to identify which is your bread plate (which can get confusing at a crowded table) remember B M W - bread, meal water (left to right). Another is to put the tips of your thumb and forefinger together ("okay" sign) the left hand makes the letter 'b' for bread and the right hand makes the letter 'd' for drink.
International Dining Etiquette - in many cultures it's considered impolite to have your hands on your lap during a meal or sitting around a meeting table. In this case, it's best to rest your wrists on the table and keep your hands visible at all times.

Happy Spring!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

pink & green fun

This one is for your Tickled Pink & Green!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Notes on breakfast

A word about maple syrup...

Actually, this is more of a rant.  This morning I went out to a late breakfast as part of my 'change everything' efforts. (This falls under the start getting out of the house more often, more later)  I ordered the french toast and bacon and while it all tasted good it just would have been so much better with real maple syrup. Perhaps I'm a maple syrup snob but I don't think restaurants should NOT be allowed to call golden, amber glue they serve maple syrup. It's simply maple flavored corn syrup. Blech! pitoooey! They didn't even bother warm it up - OH THE INHUMANITY TO FRENCH TOAST!
And while I'm whining about restaurant food... I found it interesting that when the size 00 waitress brought my three slices of french toast and there was only ONE pat of butter on the plate.  Now I'm sure some health nuts people only use one teaspoon of butter for three pieces of french toast but this not how my Mother raised me! Before she could run away, I asked the tee-tiny waitress to bring me more which she did.
Moving on, if I haven't lost you already, why is the butter always wither ice cold or completely frozen? What are the options? Hold it in your hand to warm it up while the ultimate destination gets cold? I've seen the butter massage technique, where you smash up the wrapped pat to make it soft enough to spread. While effective, probably not something Emily Post would approve of. Yes, the french toast was warm enough to soften the butter but how much heat was lost in that exchange?
I have learned my lesson; order the butter first. Yep, have your server bring it out while they're cooking your breakfast, that way your toast or pancakes or whatever have a fighting chance.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Let's get this party (blog) started!

Hello and welcome to my new blog!

The first question is always - "why did you decide to start a blog?" I decided to start blogging because I'm making a lot of changes in my life and I'm looking for an outlet and perhaps some advice.
The changes started about 2 years ago when I finally committed to relocating, which I did about 18 months ago, more about that later.
I've also decided to change my look and ride the resurgence wave of Preppy!! This is an area where I'll occasionally be asking for advice, I may or may not be a little challenged in this area. I love Lilly but there isn't a store within 100 miles of here and I just can't quite bring myself to spend >$200 for a cotton dress!
What can  you expect to see...??? Tablescapes, my latest hobby.  Etiquette tips - in addition to occasionally being certifiable, I'm a certified Protocol Consultant. Random pictures of what I think are preppy outfits. Pictures of my cat, she doesn't ever do anything cute when the camera is near by but she's got such a sweet face I just have to share.
I've been motivated by some great blogs and I hope that mine is at least 1/10 as entertaining!
Thanks to Miss Janice, Tickled Pink & Green, (did you see the pink & green bowls in Costco?) The Preppy Empty Nester and all the others that have made me smile and inspired me.

Meow for now!